Franti and Spearhead Love

Nancy Griffith from The Bridge at 105.5 was traveling from the radio station after an interview and recommended that they pick up some food before heading back out to the Coliseum. They ordered some food to go and ate some chips and salsa while waiting. Minding my own business and concentrating on my own lunch, I was not immediately aware that Michael Franti was at Zia. After coming to my senses, I got the nerve to go outside and introduce myself. We talked about the first Spearhead show I went to in 1998 at the One Love Music Festival in Crested Butte, CO. I was surprised to realize that concert was over 12 years ago. He said he loved the salsa and complimented how wonderful the place looked. They got their to-go order, I got a quick photograph, and off they went.


They really enjoyed their food and the band manager contacted me to see if I would be interested in trading some tacos for some tickets and backstage passes to hang out with Franti and Spearhead after their show. Full of excitement, we made all the arrangements and a serious taco party was set in motion for the rest of the band and John Mayer. The show was great, with seats just to the right of the stage: Super high-energy with about four or five new tracks.

After their set we headed backstage, called up the manager Catherine, and she took us to meet the rest of band. Everyone was excited about the food and in high spirits. The acoustic version of  “Hey Hey Hey” in the dressing room was the most intimate musical experience I have ever had, it’s wonderful to know it was captured and placed up on You Tube.


From show #4 in Charleston, SC

(Zia shout-out around 4:15)


Amazing experience. What else is there to say?