Sunday and Monday

Frozen Screwdriver | 6.00

Fresh orange juice mixed with vodka and then frozen

Happy Hour 3-6p M-F

Zia Ritas | 4.00

Mexican Imports | 3.00

Well Liquors | 4.00

Grand Gold Margaritas | 5.50

Frozen Screwdrivers not on Happy Hour pricing and remain 6.00 all day long on Monday.

Late Night Menu

Nachos, Quesadillas, Taquitos, Tortilla Soup, Guacamole & Queso
10-12p Th-Sa


Baja Fish Taco | 3.00

Grilled Fish Taco | 3.00


Carnitas Taco | 3.00

Pastor Taco | 3.00


Chicken Yucatán Taco | 3.00

The Best Salsa in Charleston

On the Go

Plus Chile con Queso and Guacamole, call us for some to go dips for your football and backyard parties or full on catering your next tailgate or block party! YOU will be the life of the party!