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Fave Raves

“One of the best Mexican restaurants in Charleston. Great atmosphere, the food is excellent, It's definitely worth a try.” – DK Hern├índez

“My wife and I unfortunately had to leave Charleston after 8 wonderful years. One of the things we miss the most is being able to eat at Zia (many times a few times a week!) I have tried MANY times to make something even remotely as wonderful as your chicken yucatan verde enchiladas and have failed miserably every time. Is there any way that you would share the recipe for the verde chicken enchiladas? I think that my wife has started going into withdrawals. It has been nearly a year since we've been able to have them! Thanks so much! We look forward to visiting and being able to dine with you again!” – Ben

“Heard your commercial on 98.1 The River this morning. I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico and almost drove off the road when I heard you all have Hatch green chile. I miss New Mexican food so much and I cannot wait to come to your restaurant! I believe my husband and I will be having date night there very soon!” – Pamela

“We are Santa Fe New Mexicans and we had dinner at the Zia over Thanksgiving. Our testimony: Zia is the real deal. Why no mention of the Hatch green chile stew on the website menus? We think maybe if you gave sample sopapillas away at first your customers could come to crave them. In the meantime, we'll be back. Happy Holidays.” – Ken Richards

“Zia has become my personal favorite restaurant. The service is consistently great. The drinks are awesome. Words fail to express just how wonderful their food is. These guys rock!” – Dennis Ray, Publisher Rapid River Magazine

“hey guys! i already ranted and raved to the staff the other day, but just to reiterate---WOW! I live in west asheville and drive by zia every day. i hadn't heard too much about it but i thought i'd try it anyway. im a little embarrassed to admit i wasnt expecting much, but holy cow! not only was the food amazing, but the staff was SO friendly, which is sadly becoming a rarity in this area. far superior to the other taco places cropping up around town. i will be revisiting frequently and have already begun singing your praises to my friends! thank you so much!” – stevie

“The food is awesome! Ever since my husband and I ate there I have been craving it constantly.” – Dawn

“We love Zia. We were there the day you opened and a lot since then. Great job, Kevin. You are the best.” – Mike and Janice

“I am from Las Cruces, NM and I have not experienced Authentic Red Sauce here in South Carolina til I came to your restaurant! Thank you for making me less homesick!” – Jamie

“Once you've had Zia’s the other places will never see ya!” – Abby

“We had our first experience at your restaurant on Sunday and were thoroughly pleased. We will be back to try the rest of your menu!” – Jerry

“Best Salsa I’ve ever had! Also Nachos are amazing. Each chip is individually tailored to perfection.” – Will

“Moved away in August and this is one of a few places that I truly miss. Wonderful place and spent many evenings drinking and dinning here.” – Rocco Lucarelli

“I can’t wait to visit your place and eat some tacos this summer! Michael Franti is so great! Yeah!” – Brigid from St. Louis

“we came to charleston in june to get married and ate here. Best food we have ever had. Our party of 9 all agreed. Best salsa ever, best tacos, etc. However, my husband has been talking about the baja fish tacos at least once a week since. Everytime we see fish tacos on the menu he refuses to order because he knows he will be let down because nothing will come close to Zia’s tacos. He actually suggested maybe we move near charleston solely to be near zia. Hope to see you all soon! Stay open forever please and expand to the midwest.” – hungry minnesotans

“Carne Asada Nachos are out of this world. Don’t leave town without having these.” – Gray

“Zia has amazing food. Tacos are great, and great service from russell, he is an assest to your team! :]” – Lynsey

“We love ZIA so much we have to keep from coming too often so that it stays special!” – Tara

“You guys make the best salsa I’ve ever had, but I’m dying to get your recipe for the Mexi-slaw! Keep trying new things and love them all.” – Debbie

“mmmm... bloody marys....” – christina

“Fabulous food and incredible attention to details! It is old New Mexican tradition with a new age twist! The Salsa Verde over enchiladas is a must try! Sad not to see Sopapillas on the menu! Will definitely be back though!” – Julie

“Absolutely delicious!! Great food! Best Palapa Más I have ever had !! :) Definitely the new ‘girls night’ spot!” – Summer

“I can say definitively that I have found THE best nachos I have ever had. I must bug my wife at least 3 times a week to go get some beef barbacoa nachos.Thank you for making the equivalent of crack in nachos.” – Nachoooo

“Our office LOVES your salad. We have ordered it at least once a week since we discovered it...sometimes twice a week!” – A JI Office

“I have been absolutely craving Zia since I’ve moved to CA. I dream of tortas, nachos, enchiladas, and salsa.” – Cupcake

“the best enchiladas since i lived in long beach ca. the red chili sauce is wonderful. next time i visit would love to buy some chili sauce to bring home!” – cc dullum

“Easily the best mexican food .....EVER” – Toriano

“I have FINALLY found the Mexican taqueria I have been searching for since moving to Charleston from Houston! Zia totally rocks my culinary world! I think I could eat the nachos and tortilla soup everyday. Delicious. Bonus: My husband and kiddos love Zia too! : )” – Rachel

“We eat here AT LEAST one to two times a week since opening week!” – Megan

“Charleston’s newest best kept secret... great drinks, great food, great people.” – Miles

“I don’t eat Guacamole but I would come back just to have another bowl of Guacamole.” – Tom


“In Tacos We Trust” – Russ

“So refreshing. We will never wonder where to go again! When in doubt, just say ZIA! and our kids, who don’t eat mexican food, LOVE IT!” – The Eirharts

“Zia is my CHEERS and/or LAST STOP BEFORE HOME! The food is awesome, the margaritas are addicting, and the service is TOP NOTCH! Go Chad and gang, thanks for making Zia come to life!” – Laney

“Ate at Zia today for the first time and it was fantastic. I will be back soon. Yummy!” – Melissa

“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing. Wow! Euphoria” – anonymous

“Awesome food! All of the MUSC students that have visited loved the food and also the drink specials!” – Erin Hyatt

“I’m in love again! You have the best chicken nachos I have ever eaten!! And your garlic jalape├▒o relish is to die for! Perfect chips and salsa to boot!” – Sharon

“Dreaming of those green chicken tacos! And I’m going through queso withdrawal! Thanks for the delicious meal!” – Lisa H

“The tacos are great, but your cowboy bartender is scrumptious!” – Cougar

“mmmmmmmmm chips y salsa...I could eat it up everyday! I can taste the love that goes into yo food! Torta Euphoria!” – anonymous

“The best tacos in North America.” – Toby Coleman

“Zia has the best food ever! We also have the sweetest most amazing boss ever, and he deserves everything he has worked so hard for.” – Catrina

“No Chicken can like Chicken Yucatan!” – ATG

“You can’t ask for more! Delicious tacos, amazing margaritas,and great service. I’ll keep coming back again and again and again....” – Jennifer Childs

“Can’t wait to try your margarita...I’ve heard its the best in the south” – Brooks

“Luckily I’m adhering to a strict regimen of Tacos and ZiaRitas.” – His Dudeness

“I HAVE bathed in your baja sauce!” – Meg

“I could bathe in your baja sauce!” – Amanda

“thanks for leting me have my birthday party at zia. you have found the taco.” – jim miller

“Can’t get enough of your chips and salsa! congratulations on such a beautiful place!” – anonymous

“I want you to know that I actually DREAM of eating your grilled corn on the cob!!” – Linda Withrow


“I have found the perfect taco.” – Hungry